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Kia ora, I’m Mindi, I am a passionate, fully registered counsellor (MNZAC). I have been practising for 5 years and in private practice contracting in the healthcare sector for 4 years. My practice operates sector wide but thrives in its niche cohort working largely with the Deaf and Disability communities. I am person centred. I am flexible, adaptable and experienced in teaching and working in social support roles with both children and adults. I can effectively and confidently communicate in both English and New Zealand Sign Language. I'm comfortable with diversity and love to celebrate it, we are all so unique! I possess a caring and calm manner, and am comfortable working to support all clients. No matter your life circumstance.

I have extensive background experience in behaviour management in a special school setting as well as various primary, intermediate and secondary education settings in mainstream schools.

Through the additional lenses of counselling and holistic health my work scope has grown. I am highly attuned to the sensitivity required in a counselling role and am acutely aware of the ever growing range of support networks one client may require.

I value a holistic approach and look 'across the board' with clients to try and maximise their potential in whatever aspect of life you require. Inclusive offers flexibility, experience and adaptive, customised care for you or your loved one.
As a registered Member of the New Zealand Counselling Association, I am ethically informed and acutely understand the importance of client confidentiality; trust is key. I am focussed on meeting you where you’re at and supporting you to be where you’d like to be. Any aspects of your care arrangements will always be discussed with you.

I'm passionate about the field of counselling and caring for the communities I live and work in.

I am a relaxed and open person, get in touch if you’d like a free 15 minute chat to see if you feel we're a good match.


We understand that everybody is different!
You are unique, we respect and value that highly.